The Most Useful Metals for High Temperatures

When it comes to working with metals, there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on an alloy. One of the most important qualities of a useful metal is its heat resistance. Metallic components of machinery and heavy equipment see a lot of heat thrown their...

Factors That Create a Corrosive Environment For Metals

When you regularly deal with equipment and components made of metal, especially when dealing with heavy machinery, it’s important to understand everything that could affect them. When it comes to choosing the right alloy for your machinery or components, you need to...

How Alloying Metals Improves Their Properties

How Alloying Metals Improves Their Properties

One of the things that need to be understood about metals is that the makeup of an alloy is incredibly important to the alloy’s various properties. A little too much of this or not enough of that can drastically alter the alloy’s ability to perform its job correctly....

The Best Metals To Protect Against EMI

The Best Metals To Protect Against EMI

Electromagnetic interference, otherwise known as EMI, is an annoying problem that many electronic devices experience. The solution to this problem is the proper usage of electromagnetic shielding. While there are many kinds of electromagnetic shielding, there are some...

Applications for Aluminum Bronze C63200

Applications for Aluminum Bronze C63200

When you need an alloy for your project that you can rely on, Aluminum Bronze C63200 might be exactly what you need. Here are some of its common applications.

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