Different Procedures That Make Metals Stronger

Different Procedures That Make Metals Stronger

Some metals are weak and pliable in their natural state. For example, bronze and iron are both weak in their natural state, but there are many processes that strengthen these types of metals. After these processes, many industries can use these metals for all kinds of...

Most Common Metals Used in the Aviation Industry

Most Common Metals Used in the Aviation Industry

To transport people and cargo safely, planes must be durable, strong, and reliable. To manufacture reliable planes, engineers and others in the aviation industry use specific metals for engine parts and other components. Learn more about the most common metals used in...

5 of the Most Common Applications for Copper

When you think of copper, you probably imagine a very shiny metal often associated with the look of brand-new pennies. This metal is attractive, antimicrobial, resistant to corrosion, and an excellent conductor. Due to these properties, copper is a popular metal to...

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