Aluminum Bronze C63200

Aluminum Bronze C63200 alloy has a proven history within Naval applications where it is used in nuclear submarines and other Naval surface craft. In addition, the alloy has excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance in fresh and sea water.

Nickel 400 Alloy

Nickel 400 alloy can be hardened by cold work, has good weldability, and has excellent corrosion resistance in rapid flowing brackish or seawater. Its resistance to stress corrosion cracking gives the alloy a wide range of applications.

Nickel 500 Metal Alloy

Nickel 500 is a nickel-based copper alloy that has similar corrosion resistance to Nickel 400 but has the added advantage of much higher mechanical strength and hardness while maintaining good ductility and impact strength.

HY 80 and HY 100

Wieland Diversified is the largest stocking distributor of HY 80 and HY 100 in North America. We stock gun-drilled tubing and round stock, so you can select the option that’s best for your needs. These high-yield metal alloys resist deformation and offer great corrosion resistance.

Our customers receive the highest caliber products available

High-Quality metal alloy suppliers for industrial, naval defense, & aerospace applications

Wieland Diversified is a high-quality metal alloy supplier for military and industrial applications. Engineers and machinists who require the highest-quality alloys have turned to Diversified for over 40 years. And our staff has over 100 years of combined sales experience.
Our customers are always impressed with the high standard of our metal alloy products, service, and competitive pricing. Some of our most popular alloys are SIB AMS 4616, HY 80 and HY 100 steel, also Nickel 400, Nickel 405, and Nickel 500. Our Quality and Sales departments’ dedication to customer service has gained our company a superior reputation. Our Quality System satisfies all requirements of MIL-I-45208, Pratt & Whitney LCS approved source, ISO 9001-2015, AS9100D and Level One/SubSafe Crucial Shipboard Application.
Our long history as a metal alloy supplier includes experience with military contracts, aerospace and petrochemical applications, and the naval marine industry. Our salespeople are not clerks reading from a computer screen.  We will carefully listen to your needs and challenges to tailor a complete solution for your requirement. Contact us for a quote; you will receive the best quality, service and pricing in the industry.

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We serve Industries that require the best metal alloys available.

Wieland Diversified has supplied alloys for more than 35 years to several niche markets.

As our name implies, we service a diverse group of industries including aerospace, defense, medical, cosmetic, oil and gas, small arms, automotive, power generation, and bearings and fasteners—just to name a few. Our customers include a solid list of major military contractors: Electric Boat Corporation, DuPont, Newport News Shipbuilding, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric and many more. Machine shops working as military contractors and sub-contractors always require the best quality metal alloy products. We have never let them down.

Aerospace Applications

Wieland Diversified has an established history of supplying several niche market alloys to the Aerospace Industry for more than 35 years. 


Commercial Application

As a member of the American Shipbuilding Association (ASA), we know the importance of having a complete understanding and overall excellent quality control.

Marine Defense

From the one-man job shops to the large prime contractors, we make every effort to provide our customers with a quality product, on time, and at a competitive price.

Petrochemical/Oil Patch

Over the years, we have served the Petrochemical/Oil Patch Industry with metal alloy products. Our commitment to quality has benefited countless operations.

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As part of the Wieland Group since 2018, Wieland Diversified will be able to continue to provide its customers with the quality and service they have come to expect. Learn more at

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