Aluminum Bronze C63200

Specs: QQ-C-465 ASTM-B-150 ASTM-B-124 MIL-B-24059
UNS# C63200

C63200 Nickel Aluminum Bronze ASTM B150 is predominantly a Copper alloy (78-82%) with Aluminum, Nickel, Iron, and Manganese. It is a heat-treated alloy that is a strong, corrosion-resistant material that performs well at high and low temperatures, C63200 also has a low magnetic permeability making it ideal for instrumentation systems.


Commonly used in naval sea applications of commercial and military variety. C63200 is used in valve assemblies, stems & seats, pump shafts & sleeves, and various components in marine, aerospace, and oil patch industries.


Aluminum Nickel Bronze (CuAl9Fe4Ni4) C63200 is an American Naval alloy with improved corrosion resistance. When the alloy was first produced as a casting, it was found that occasionally the alloy suffered selective corrosion of the kappa phase.


The new wrought alloy has a quench and temper heat treatment which eliminated this problem introducing a structure that changed the morphology of the kappa phase.


The alloy has a proven history within Naval applications where it is used extensively in the building of Nuclear submarines and other Naval surface craft.


C63200 can be joined by using MIG or TIG welding techniques.


In addition, the alloy has excellent wear resistance and good corrosion resistance in fresh and seawater.


It is non-sparking which is important in explosive environments, relating to weapon handling, petrochemical industries, and the mining industry.


It has also good erosion/corrosion properties, which find applications for marine propulsion units such as propellers.

Available shapes – round, hex, rectangular and square


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  • Propellers
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  • Pump Bodies
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  • Hydraulic Valve Bodies
  • Desalination Plants for Valves
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  • Mining Equipment For Non-Sparking
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  • Sleeve Bearings
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    Specifications of Aluminum Bronze C63200

    Sheet & Plate Rod & Bar Forgings
    UNS C63200  ASTM B171 ASTM B 150 ASTM B 124
    ASTM B 283
    ASME   ASME SB 171 ASME SB 150 ASME SB 283
    AWS A5.7
    Class ER CuNiAl
    Welding C63280      
    Mil E 23765/3 Welding C63280      
    Mil B 24059 (3)        
    ISO 428:1983
    Mechanical Properties

    Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze C63200

    Product Form Condition UTS
    N/mm²   Ksi
    0.5% Yield
    N/mm²   Ksi
    Rod & Bar TQ50 Up to3”(76.2mm) 648-792    94-115 345-496   50-72 15-25 190-230
    Rod & Bar TQ 50 >3”-5” (>76.2-127mm) 648-792   94-115 310-400   45-58 15-30 190-230
    Rod & Bar TQ 50 >5”-12” (>127-305mm) 634-751   92-109 276-379   40-55 15-25 180-210
    Plate <= 2” (<=50mm) 620-700   90-102 250-300   36-44 10-15 160-200
    Plate 2”- 3.5” (50mm-88.9mm) 585-620   85-90 230-270   33-39 10-15 140-160
    Plate >3.5”-5.0” (>88.9mm-127mm) 550-580   80-84 205-230   30-33 10-15 130-140

    Composition of Aluminum Bronze C63200

    Element Cu Al Fe Ni Mn
    Composition 78.00 min 9.25 3.75 4.5 1.3
    Physical Properties

    Physical Properties of Aluminum Bronze C63200

    Physical Properties Imperial Units Metric Units
    Density 0.276 lb/in³ 7.64g/cm³
    Melting Range 1900-1950ºF 1041-1060ºc
    Mean Liner Expansion 0-200ºc   16.2μm/m.ºc
    Mean Liner Expansion 0-400 ºF 0.0095 in/in/ ºF x10³  
    Specific Heat 0.105Btu/lb/ ºF 440J/kg ºK
    Relative Magnetic Permeability 1.35  
    Thermal Conductivity 20Btu/ft h/ ºF 34W/m. ºK
    Electrical Resistivity 148ohm-circmil/ft 24.6 µ_-cm @20°c
    Electrical Conductivity 7% IACS 0.041 MS/cm @20°c
    Modulus of Elasticity 10³ 17ksi 117N/mm²
    Modulus of Rigidity 6.4ksi 44.13N/mm²

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