CuVerro Copper

EPA-Registered CuVerro Antimicrobial Copper

70 30 copper nickel sheet

CuVerro® is a unique class of copper that continuously kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria. It begins to kill bacteria on contact. It has been proven effective against bacteria by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA.) All of our CuVerro copper is registered with the EPA and marked as such.


The antimicrobial properties of copper have been in use for centuries to keep people healthy. In ancient times, better-quality water was run through copper pipes or held in copper vessels. It was found that water treated in this way prevented the growth of germs and other harmful organisms. In 1852, it was found that patients exposed to copper had a higher survival rate against cholera. Also, in 1973, a research study was conducted to determine the “bacteriostatic and sanitizing properties of copper and copper alloy surfaces”¹ and was found conclusive.


With the current threat of viruses such as MRSA, Influenza and COVID-19, many people and organizations are interested in preventing the growth and spread of harmful microorganisms. After extensive testing, the EPA has concluded that CuVerro (being a copper alloy) is indeed an “antimicrobial material.” The EPA has stated that CuVerro copper delivers continuous and ongoing antibacterial action, remaining effective in killing greater than 99% of bacteria within two hours. In medical facilities, harmful microorganisms colonize and persist on frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and I.V. poles. In these environments,CuVerro has been found to kill more than 99.9% of bacteria within two hours and continue to kill 99% of bacteria even after repeated contamination. 


CuVerro copper alloys are offered in a variety of forms to meet your design and application:

  • Rod
  • Tube
  • Strip
  • Sheet
  • Foil

CuVerro is offered in many families of copper such as nickel, silver, bronze, aluminum bronze, brass and silicone bronze just to name a few. CuVerro can be etched, welded, brazed, stamped and cut.


With strength, durability and tarnish-resistance, CuVerrosurfaces fit into any environment where disease control and cleanliness are required. CuVerro surfaces are safe for people and environmentally friendly. This antibacterial quality is consistent throughout the entire part and will not diminish or wear off. CuVerroantimicrobial copper actively kills disease-causing bacteria 24/7. 

Available shapes – round, hex, rectangular and square


  • Door handles
  • Handrails
  • Sinks
  • cabinet/faucet knobs
  • Grab bars
  • IV polls
  • etc…


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1. Dick, R. J.; Wray, J. A.; Johnston, H. N. (1973), “A Literature and Technology Search on the Bacteriostatic and Sanitizing Properties of Copper and Copper Alloy Surfaces”, Phase 1 Final Report, INCRA Project No. 212, June 29, 1973, contracted to Battelle Columbus Laboratories, Columbus, Ohio

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