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Here at Diversified Metals, we offer turned, ground, and polished shafting services. This process smooths and improves the round surface of your metal, guaranteeing high dimensional accuracy. We work with a wide range of material grades, sizes ranging from 5″ through 12.000″ diameter, up to 20′ lengths, supplied to an O.D. tolerance of plus or minus .005, 50 RMS or better. There are three steps to our turned, ground, and polished shafting services.


First, you will complete the turning process. To shape and cut your metal, we will first place it in a lathe machine. This machine spins the metal rod and cuts it down to the desired shape and size. Sometimes, metal rods go through this process multiple times to achieve the correct shape and size.


After the metal rods are turned, then it’s time to ground the material. While the turning process shapes the metal rods into the desired sizes, it is not very precise. The ground shafting process allows us to create precise shapes for your materials, and it is very similar to the turning process. Instead of using a cutting tool, this machine uses a grinding wheel or mechanism. This grinding mechanism removes the rough surfaces in small amounts to ensure precise and accurate results.


The final step included in our turned, ground, and polished shafting services is the polishing stage. The polishing process smooths the metal rods completely to ensure they are ready to use. To do this, we will use a polishing wheel or similar mechanism to smooth any rough areas on the rods. After this step, the metal rods are ready to use for many applications.


Be sure to give us a call today if you have any questions about our turned, ground, and polished shafting services. With our experienced professionals and quality equipment, we can help prepare your metals and materials for their intended applications.

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