Alcop – High-Strength Metal

Specifications: MS-988, EMS-102

Alcop is a unique material with a very similar chemistry as Leaded Manganese Bronze C86400. Also known as Leaded High Strength Yellow Brass, this Copper-based alloy is made up of 62% Copper and 38% Zinc, with limited quantities of Aluminum, Lead, Tin, Iron, Manganese and Nickel.


High-strength brass alloys like Alcop are used to fabricate mechanical parts and components due to their superior strength-to-weight ratio. This ratio makes them ideal for applications in industries where weight reduction is critical, such as aerospace, automotive, and marine engineering.


Corrosion resistant Alcop is also known for its excellent machinability, allowing it to be easily formed and machined into complex shapes. As a result, it is often the material of choice for intricate parts and components such as valves, fittings, bearings, and gears.

Available shapes – round and sleeve


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