Cast Bronze

Bronze CDA 90300

Specs: ASTM-B-505, ASTM-B-824, QQ-C-390
UNS# C90300

Tin Bronze C90300 (Bronze CDA 90300) is an alloy offering good corrosion resistance and wear resistance with moderate machinability. Bronze 90300 provides high thermal conductivity, excellent ductility, and toughness, making it suitable for a wide variety of uses in aerospace, marine defense, and commercial industry.


This cast bronze material is often found in landing gear bushings, pumps, valves, bearings, gears, gear blanks, and many other industrial applications.


Tin Bronze C90300 (CuSn8Zn4) is a tin bronze with the addition of 8% tin and 4% zinc, commonly known as Navy G.


The tin increases the strength of the alloy and gives good corrosion resistance in marine environments and zinc is added to act as a deoxidant and assist with pressure tightness.


C90300 offers a combination of engineering properties, such as high strength, excellent fatigue, good bearing properties, coupled with corrosion resistance.


It has excellent bearing properties with a low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance; it can be used under high loads with low-speed applications. Bearings need good alignment of mating parts and adequate lubrication.


C90300 can be joined by soldering, but brazing must be preformed so as to avoid strain and cooled slowly to avoid problems with hot shortness.


The alloy has a machinability rating of 30% compared with free machining brass at 100%.


Bronze C90300 is a unique alloy offering numerous beneficial properties, making it a high-utility material across various industries. Manufactured by Wieland Diversified, a leader in the specialty metals industry, Bronze CDA 90300 stands out due to its superior corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and thermal conductivity. Its exceptional machinability allows it to be used in multiple applications, ranging from landing gear bushings and pumps to valves, bearings, and gears.


The Bronze 90300 alloy is a Tin Bronze with 8 percent tin and 4 percent zinc. This composition is often referred to as Navy G. This unique blend gives the alloy a remarkable level of strength that withstands harsh conditions, especially in marine environments. Thanks to its added tin content, the alloy’s corrosion resistance is significantly elevated. Further, adding zinc acts as a deoxidant, promoting pressure tightness. Whether for aerospace, marine defense, or commercial industry uses, the C90300 bronze alloy offers an unmatched combination of engineering properties, including high strength, excellent fatigue characteristics, and exceptional bearing qualities.


The alloy does not stop impressing with its corrosion resistance. You can also characterize it by its superior fatigue strength and bearing properties. These characteristics make it the perfect material for high loads in low-speed applications. Nonetheless, bearings made from this alloy require proper alignment and sufficient lubrication to function optimally.


When it comes to joining, Bronze CDA 90300 offers flexibility. While you can effortlessly join it by soldering, you must be careful when brazing to avoid strain, followed by slow cooling to prevent issues with hot shortness. Considering its machinability, Bronze C90300 has a rating of 30 percent compared to free-machining brass at 100 percent.


Purchasing Bronze CDA 90300 from Wieland Diversified offers several advantages. The company excels in providing high-quality specialty metals, ensuring that the Bronze CDA 90300 you receive meets or exceeds industry standards. Wieland Diversified’s commitment to customer satisfaction means that you can expect excellent service and support throughout the procurement process. This commitment, coupled with the exceptional characteristics of Bronze CDA 90300, makes purchasing this alloy a smart decision for industries seeking a durable, high-performance material.

Available shapes –  round and square


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Specifications of Bronze CDA 90300

Rod, Bar
& Profile
UNS C90300
Navy G Bronze
ASTM B 505
ASTM B 271
SAE   SAE J463
SAE J461
SAE 620
Federal   MIL C 11866
QQ B 390 Type 2 & 3
Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of Bronze CDA 90300

Product Form Condition Size
Imperial Metric
Ksi    N/mm²
0.5% Yield
Ksi    N/mm²
Rod & Bar
Continuous Cast N/A 44-51   303-350 22-23   152-160 18-25
  Centrifugal Cast N/A 44-49   303-340 22-23   152-160 30-35
Physical Properties

Physical Properties of Bronze CDA 90300

Physical Properties Imperial Units Metric Units
Density 0.318lb/in³ 8.70g/cm³
Melting Range 1570-1830ºF 854-1000ºc
Mean Liner Expansion 20-300ºc   0.018 ºc x10-³
Mean Liner Expansion 68-572 ºF 0.001 ºF x10-³  
Specific Heat 0.0908Btu/lb/ ºF @68ºF 377J/kg ºK @20 ºc
Thermal Conductivity 43.2Btuft² /hr-ft ºF @68ºF 69W/m. ºK
Electrical Conductivity 20% IACS @68ºF 0.075MS/cm @20 ºc
Magnetic Permeability <1.01  
Electrical Resistivity 4.53µ_in 14.5μΩcm
Modulus of Elasticity 10³    
Tension 14ksi 103N/mm²

While the data is believed to be accurate, Wieland Diversified makes no representation or warranty of any kind (expressed or implied) and assumes no responsibility with respect to the accuracy and values shown above; this information should only be used as a guide.

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