Phosphor bronze alloys

These alloys resist excessive wear and tear, so they’re an ideal choice in applications where durability is especially important.

Phosphor bronze alloy’s combination of copper, tin, and phosphorus promotes superior elasticity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance. Phosphor bronze’s resilience serves it well in spring-loaded components and fasteners, as well as other electrical, heat transfer, and marine applications.


At Wieland Diversified, you can find high-quality phosphor bronze alloys to support electrical machinery and other relevant operations. Within our selection, you’ll find metals that excel in brazing and soldering applications, including C51000, which has the ability to remain malleable in cold environments.


While phosphor bronze is known for its resilience and versatility, further understanding its unique properties and applications is important. The alloy’s makeup, predominantly copper and supplemented with tin and phosphorus, gives it an edge over other materials in various sectors.


The high tin content in PH bronze, which is sometimes up to 10 percent, contributes to its excellent strength and fatigue resistance. This strength makes it an ideal choice for manufacturing springs and fasteners that need to withstand considerable pressure and movement.


The presence of phosphorus, though usually up to 0.35 percent, improves fluidity during casting and finetunes stiffness, enhancing the alloy’s overall resistance to wear and tear. Such properties make phosphor bronze particularly valuable in the electrical industry, where it’s common in connectors, terminals, and other crucial components.


Phosphor bronze also boasts superior electrical conductivity, so it’s extensively useful in electrical contacts. The alloy’s good solderability ensures reliable, high-quality electrical connections. This characteristic is particularly advantageous in the sophisticated circuitry of today’s electronic devices, which demand highly efficient and reliable materials.


In industries where corrosion resistance is key, such as marine applications, phosphor bronze’s resilience to wear, fatigue, and chemical corrosion makes it a reliable choice. Ships’ propellers, for instance, are often made from phosphor bronze because they remain unaffected by the corrosive action of seawater over time.


Wieland Diversified’s range of phosphorus bronze alloys, including C51000, caters to these diverse needs. The C51000 alloy is particularly unique due to its capacity to stay malleable in cold environments, which is crucial for applications that require robustness in such conditions. This alloy is excellent for brazing and soldering applications, reinforcing the versatility of phosphor bronze as an essential material across various industries.


Phosphor bronze’s distinctive combination of elasticity, electrical conductivity, and corrosion resistance sets it apart in the metallurgical world. Whether for electrical machinery, heat transfer applications, or marine use, phosphor bronze alloys—especially those available at Wieland Diversified—deliver the reliability and efficiency that industries demand.


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