Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum Bronze C62300

Specs: AMS 4635, ASTM-B-150
UNS# C62300

Aluminum Bronzes have high strengths (comparable to medium-carbon steel), high hardness in the as-cast state, and excellent corrosion resistance properties. They possess good anti-frictional characteristics and resist scaling and oxidation at elevated temperatures.


Aluminum Bronzes can be hot worked readily, and some grades possess good cold forming characteristics and respond to a form of precipitation hardening.


Alloy C62300 (CuAl9Fe3) is a binary Aluminum Bronze containing copper, aluminum, and iron.


The addition of iron helps grain refining and increases the mechanical strength.


The Aluminum Bronze C62300 is a medium to high strength bronze, which offers the combination of good corrosion resistance in seawater and many acidic environments.


It has good ductility, is easily machined, and has wear and anti-galling properties where it finds use in aerospace applications.


As with most copper-based alloys, it also maintains its properties at cryogenic temperatures.


The alloy is easily hot worked and can be welded by MIG or TIG joining techniques.

Available shapes –  round 


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Specifications of Aluminum Bronze C62300 Specifications

International Standards Material Designation Rod & Bar Forgings Stampings
UNS C62300 ASTM B 124
ASTM B 150
ASTM B 283
ASME   ASME SB 150  
AMS   AMS 4635 AMS 4635
SAE CA623 J463
British Standard
CA103 BS CA103  

Registered with the USA EPA as an Antimicrobial Alloy.

Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Bronze C62300

Product Form Condition Size
Imperial Metric
Ksi    N/mm²
0.5% Yield
Ksi    N/mm²
Rod & Bar HR50
Hot worked drawn
and stress relieved
>0.5-1” (>12-25mm)
>1-2” (>25.4-50mm)
>2-3” (>50-80mm)

88-92   605-635
84-90   580-620
76-90   525-620

44-55   305-380
40-52   275-360
37-45   255-310
Forgings Hot Forged 0.75-1.5”(19-38.1mm) 75-85   515-585 0-33    205-230 20-25
  Hot Forged >1.5” (>38.1mm) 75-82   515-565 30-31   205-215 20-30
Physical Properties

Physical Properties of Aluminum Bronze C62300

Physical Properties Imperial Units Metric Units
Density 0.274 lb/in³ 7.66g/cm³
Melting Range 1890-1910ºF 1040-1045ºc
Hot Working Range 1300-1600ºF 704-870ºc
Mean Liner Expansion 20-300ºc   0.0162ºcx10³
Mean Liner Expansion 68-572 ºF 0.0094 ºF x10³  
Specific Heat 0.094Btu/lb/ ºF @68ºF 377J/kg ºK @20 ºc
Thermal Conductivity 31Btu /ft²/fth ºF @68ºF 61W/m. ºK
Electrical Conductivity 13% IACS @68ºF 4.64m/_mm²
Electrical Resistivity 8.48µ_in 22.4μΩcm
Modulus of Elasticity 10³ 10³  
Tension 16ksi 117N/mm²
Rigidity 6ksi 44N/mm²

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