Stainless Steel

Condition B Stainless Steel

Specs: ASTM-A-193 B8 CL-2, QQ-S-763, ASTM-A-193,B8 ASTM-A-193 B8 CL-2B, ASTM A-193-10, ASTM-A-193-10A
UNS#: S30400

304 Stainless Steel is one of the most widely used grades of Stainless Steel. An Austenitic Steel that is generally composed of Chromium, Nickel, and Manganese, Condition B Stainless Steel is nonmagnetic and has excellent corrosion resistance, but is susceptible to stress- corrosion cracking.


Wieland Diversified offers a strain-hardened variant 304 Condition B Stainless Steel that is hardened by cold working. Stainless 304 is non-heat-treatable.


Used primarily in fastener applications, cold working elevates the tensile and yield values of Condition B Stainless Steel.

Available shapes – round, hex and square


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