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Statement of quality


“Through our understanding of your Company’s needs for the future, we are then able to envision our own. It is this vision, consistent with the evolution of industry, that ensures your confidence in our ability to satisfy the challenges tomorrow will bring.”©

Commitment to quality

“Wieland Diversified has made quality an essential part of our business plan. We aggressively maintain high-quality standards within our organization and pass those requirements on to our vendors.”©



“Our Quality Objectives are to provide high-quality products on time every time and at a competitive cost to our customers. To reach and maintain our objectives, we focus daily on our commitment to quality throughout the organization and remain vigilant for areas that we can improve to better serve our customers. The focus of our corporate business plan is to utilize teamwork, cooperative effort, and discipline to strengthen our common goals and realize our quality objectives.”©


“We measure the level of effectiveness of our quality discipline by customer recognition and subsequent quality ratings as accorded to us by prime contractors. With quality as an integral element of our customer service criteria, we are able to enjoy a high level of customer satisfaction which is confirmed daily through repeat orders.”

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As part of the Wieland Group since 2018, Wieland Diversified will be able to continue to provide its customers with the quality and service they have come to expect. Learn more at Wieland.com

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