For decades, manufacturers have used stainless steel to make just about anything. From surgical equipment to towering skyscrapers, you can find stainless steel anywhere you go. The reason why manufacturers and businesses choose to use stainless steel is because it has many beneficial properties. Find out what makes stainless steel so versatile and valuable below.


Stainless Steel Components

Anyone who works with stainless steel knows that it has some amazing properties. The reason why stainless steel has such useful properties is due to its makeup, or composition of metals. To turn regular steel into stainless steel, you need to add chromium. Even though chromium is an important metal that adds strength to steel, the material that makes steel versatile is nickel. Stainless steel that contains nickel is easy to mold and weld, but still has immense strength.


Stainless Steel Properties

As mentioned above, nickel makes stainless steel malleable and moldable. In addition, stainless steel remains intact even for high-temperature applications. It’s strong, corrosion resistant, sustainable, antimicrobial, and durable. It’s also extremely easy to clean and maintain. Finally, some businesses even use stainless steel for its shiny, aesthetic appeal. What more could a business want from a material!


Stainless Steel Applications

As mentioned above, stainless steel has numerous applications for many industries. Common household items, machinery, bridges, buildings, airplanes, vehicles, and more all use parts made of stainless steel. From large appliances to small surgical tools, you can use stainless steel for almost anything.


What makes stainless steel so versatile? To be brief, stainless steel is versatile because of its composition and properties. To purchase high-quality stainless steel, contact Wieland Diversified. We are one of the top 430fr stainless steel suppliers, and we are known for our quality metals and excellent customer service. Contact us today for more information about our materials or our company.