Metal casting is a technique that molds metal into different shapes. People have used it for thousands of years, and it is still used to this day. For those who want to know more about the process, here are the things you should know about metal casting.


Definition of Metal Casting

So, what is metal casting? Metal casting is the process of melting metal, pouring it into molds, then allowing the metal to solidify in the mold to create the desired shape. People use metal casting to create large parts often used in machinery and heavy equipment. There are a few different types of molds for this process, including expendable molds and permanent molds. Permanent molds are used repeatedly, hence the name. Expendable molds are used once, then disposed of properly. There are plenty of metals used for the casting process, such as iron, steel, bronze, aluminum, and more. People choose a specific metal depending on the type of mold they will be using. For example, bronze casting alloys are a great option for sand casting, which is the process of casting using a mold made of sand.


Metal Casting Process

There is a specific process to follow when metal casting. Here are some of the steps in the process.

  1. The company needs to decide the shape or pattern of the mold.
  2. The company needs to make or prepare the mold, depending on if they use a permanent or expendable mold.
  3. Workers will liquefy the metal by using extremely high temperatures and pouring it into the mold.
  4. The workers will allow the new part to cool, and eventually, will remove it from the mold.
  5. They will clean up any remaining messes and thoroughly inspect the new part.


Applications for Metal Casting

There are plenty of applications for metal casting in the modern world. Metal casting creates machinery for the aerospace, automotive, construction, mining, and farming industries. In addition, it also makes parts for chemical plants, sugar plants, textile plants, and much more.


These are the things you should know about metal casting. One of the most important parts of casting is choosing quality metals and materials. Wieland Diversified is proud to offer quality metals to suit all your casting needs. Be sure to give us a call with any questions today.