The Most Useful Metals for High Temperatures
When it comes to working with metals, there are a lot of factors to consider before deciding on an alloy. One of the most important qualities of a useful metal is its heat resistance. Metallic components of machinery and heavy equipment see a lot of heat thrown their way. If they can’t take the heat, they’ll break down quickly and spectacularly. Here are some of the most useful metals for high temperatures so you can know how your machinery works.



The strength-to-weight ratio of titanium is higher than any other known metal. This makes it extremely useful when we need something to withstand a lot of force and pressure. It can also withstand serious amounts of heat, making it useful for all kinds of machinery in the military and aerospace industries. Combined with its corrosion resistance, titanium is a metal you can count on for your alloy.



A key component of some stainless steels, molybdenum is a lesser-known metal that we use to give an alloy more strength and heat resistance. The presence of molybdenum in an alloy doesn’t just make the alloy stronger—it allows the alloy to stay strong even when temperatures start to rise. Specialty machine shops often use molybdenum for its ability to improve hardness, strength, and corrosion resistance.



When you expose alloys to certain extreme environments, you need a metal that can withstand the brunt of the force. Alloys that include nickel are perfect for applications in the aerospace and aviation sectors. You can purchase high-quality nickel and use it to create an alloy that is very stable and strong, allowing it to not falter under intense heat and pressure.



Tantalum is a metal that many people have never heard of. Its ability to withstand heat when alloyed with other materials is so great that it’s used to create superalloys. These alloys are essential to equipment in nuclear plants and aviation engines. Even chemical processing plants use tantalum in their machinery. You can find tantalum in a lot of electronics as well, especially electronics that see a lot of heat, such as resistors and capacitors.



Tungsten in its pure form is not very useful, but when alloyed with other materials, it becomes one of the most useful metals for high-temperature applications. In an alloy, tungsten lends the fact that it has the highest melting points of all metals, as well as the highest tensile strength. It expands very little when exposed to heat, making it useful for places like rocket ship parts.

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