When choosing a metal alloy, selecting the best one for your specific application can be challenging. For instance, if you need a strong, durable metal for tubing, you could use silicon iron bronze. This metal alloy is known for its attractive appearance, strength, and resistance to heat and corrosion. Here are some more of the most common uses for silicon iron bronze.



Silicon iron bronze is commonly fashioned into welding rods. Welding rods are the filler metals used to connect two other base metals together. Since silicon iron bronze is strong and resistant to corrosion, it is an excellent choice for welding rods.



Any machinery used in hydraulics needs to be resistant to corrosion, so silicon iron bronze is a great option. Silicon iron bronze is resistant not only to water, but also to acids, alkalis, organic chemicals, and much more. This is the reason why some companies and industries, such as the petrochemical industry, choose to make hydraulic equipment out of silicon iron bronze.



Another application for silicon iron bronze is tubing. Many industries use this alloy for tubing, such as the aerospace, automotive, and construction industries. They choose to use this alloy due to its strength, resistance to corrosion, and ability to work well with heat.


Ornamentation and Architecture

Due to its strength and attractive appearance, silicon bronze is also used in architecture and ornamentation. It has a smooth finish and generally retains the shine of the bronze. The attractive metal is reddish-gold in color and is resistant to discoloration. Wall ornamentations and architectural structures can be both strong and attractive when made from silicon iron bronze.


These are some of the most common uses for silicon iron bronze. Here at Diversified Metals, we are proud to offer quality metals, including silicon iron bronze, for all types of industries. For metals that are strong, durable, and reliable, contact us at Diversified Metals today.