Metals play important roles in our society. They’re used to construct buildings and to support many industries in manufacturing roles. Metals are crucial to our society because of their reliable and favorable properties. For these reasons, metals are also commonly used in architecture. Some of the most famous structures in the world wouldn’t be possible if not for these alloys. If you’re interested in knowing what the most common metals used in architecture are, keep reading below.


Steel is a metal that provides reliability with its incredible strength and resistance to corrosion. Steel is made up of a variety of metals, and it’s available in many different grades. Steel buildings built more than a century ago are still standing today. One example of steel’s use in architecture is the sculpture known as The Bean, although its official title is Cloud Gate. It’s located in Chicago’s Millennium Park. Despite being built only 16 years ago, the structure—which is completely coated in steel—has become one of the most iconic symbols of the Windy City.


Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion, just like steel. However, what makes aluminum a favorable metal to work with is its lightness. It makes construction much easier, faster, and more convenient. Its lightness is also favorable for architects because it can be curved, cut, and welded into any shape. It gives them complete freedom to create the most modern-looking buildings. One famous example of its modern capabilities is the Aluminaire House. It was the first home built completely with metal, specifically aluminum. Designed and built in 1931, it still stands today and has become an iconic influence in modern architecture.


Unlike steel and aluminum, copper is a favorable metal in architecture design due to its aesthetic properties. Over time, the surface of copper evolves and goes through several phases until it achieves its patina color. Copper is favorable for many architectural design reasons, such as its ability to create a natural yet modern aesthetic. Another reason why it’s favorable to design with is its eco-friendly nature; copper can be made with recycled wires and cords.

Located in Boston, the Museum of Medical History and Innovation is covered in recycled copper. It acts an entry into Boston General Hospital. The copper finish enhances its modern appearance and allows it to stand out among other buildings.

Steel, aluminum, and copper are just three of the most common metals used in architecture. You can find plenty of others metals in the modern buildings of your city. Aside from architecture, these metals also have plenty of other industry-related uses. One metal in particular, C71500 copper nickel, is an excellent option for marine hardware components. For any of your alloy needs and specifications, contact us here at Weiland Diversified. We can provide you with the level of professional assistance you expect and require.