The Many Uses of Aluminum Bronze
When it comes to building machines out of metal, you have a lot of choices when it comes to materials. Metal alloys come in a wide range of varieties with wildly different characteristics. One such alloy that is useful to many different industries is variations on aluminum bronze. The characteristics of aluminum bronze make it perfect for certain unique situations. We’ll go over the many uses of aluminum bronze so you can see why it could be useful to you.


In Oceanic Environments

One area where you’ll see a lot of aluminum bronze alloys is in the nautical field. The saltwater environment that the ocean creates can quickly eat through a lot of metals that have less corrosion-resistance than aluminum bronze. Saline waters also pose the risk of biofouling, which aluminum bronze is also highly resistant to.


Oil and Gas Industries

Of the many uses of aluminum bronze, one of the more subtle characteristics that make it so useful is that it is relatively non-sparking. Because of this trait, aluminum bronze is useful to the gas and oil industries. As it is non-sparking, aluminum bronze can handle being in environments that include a lot of ignitable or explosive material, whether they be in a solid, liquid, or gaseous form.


Water Supplies

Water treatment plants and water supply companies utilize the properties of aluminum bronze to help with their processes as well. These industries must always be aware of how much corrosion happens to their materials from the water, so having a material like aluminum bronze is essential to making sure they don’t need to constantly replace equipment.


Anti-Corrosion Uses

Some environments aren’t conducive to utilizing copper alloys. These environments tend to be highly corrosive in nature, such as manufacturing plants that release fumes or chemicals regularly. The addition of aluminum makes aluminum bronze uniquely suited for these environments. This material creates an oxide film that protects it from corrosive elements.


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