How much do you know about Silicon Aluminum Bronze? Silicon Aluminum Bronze is a metal alloy with many sought-after properties and applications. Learn what Silicon Aluminum Bronze is and how it’s used below.


What Is Silicon Aluminum Bronze?

Silicon Aluminum Bronze is a renowned relative of Aluminum Bronze alloys and has advantages ranging from high mechanical properties to unmatched anti-corrosive abilities, anti-galling strength, and good fatigue. It is made up mainly of Silicon, Aluminum, and Copper.


These advantages give the alloy many applications. The only notable con of the alloy is its lower machinability rating. Silicon Aluminum Bronze has the self-lubricity properties of Silicon, coupled with high mechanical properties offered by Aluminum Bronze.


How Is Silicon Aluminum Bronze Used?

Brief History of Usage

The alloy was initially made for military applications (marine defense industry) due to its exceptional corrosion resistance when exposed to seawater. Other impressive qualities that made it suitable for marine applications included low magnetic permeability, which is critical for making vessels and detecting underwater mines.


However, people soon found multiple applications for the alloy outside seawater environments. The ductility, high impact strength, impressive corrosion resistance, and ease of machining paved the way for multiple uses across many industries.


General Applications Today

Popular Silicon Aluminum applications include making landing gear parts, valve guides, strut bushing, safety belt assemblies, rock bit bearing bushing, valve and pump components, forged machined components, hooks, cams, etc.

Many industries use this type of metal, including the oil and gas, aerospace, electrical, automotive, and marine industries.


Silicon Aluminum Bronze is perfect for the above applications. Notable cons, like its low machinability rating, are overcome by adding Silicon to increase the mechanical properties of Aluminum Bronze and high machinability common in alloys that have low mechanical properties.


Application by Type: C64200 – Silicon Aluminum Bronze

C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze is an engineering alloy resistant to corrosion (like copper but stronger). It is mostly made in round, hexagonal, or octagonal rods and cut to the desired length, allowing buyers to purchase the precise quantity needed. C64200 is arguably the most popular valve stem alloy. It is popular for making gears, pole line hardware, nuts, marine hardware, valve bodies and components, wellhead components, etc. This is why many companies buy C64200 Silicon Aluminum Bronze for their industrial applications.


Application by Type: C63600 – Silicon Aluminum Bronze

C63600 Silicon Aluminum Bronze has good hot and cold workability and forging abilities. It has three main applications. In electrical applications, it is used for making cable connectors, cold-headed nuts, and pole line hardware components. In industrial applications, it is used for making valve components and nuclear power services. C63600 is also used for making bolts and screw machine products.


Summary of Silicon Aluminum Bronze: What It Is and How It’s Used

And that’s what Silicon Aluminum Bronze is and how it’s used. Many large companies and manufacturers need the alloy for multiple industrial applications involving specialty metals. Diversified Metals Inc. has over 40 years of experience supplying the highest quality alloys to engineers, machinists, and companies that use specialty metals for industrial and military applications. Buy or find out more about Silicon Aluminum Bronze and other Bronze alloy products here.