Aluminum bronze is a class of alloys that are generally composed of copper, between nine and 12% aluminum, and at most 6% iron and nickel. There are plenty of instrumental uses it has in the metalworking industry, but let’s take a look at some of the more important aluminum bronze properties first.

  • Aluminum bronze density is 0.276 pounds per cubic inch.
  • Has a higher tensile strength than other bronze alloys.
  • Tarnish-resistant and have low oxidation, even at high temperatures.
  • These are non-magnetic and non-sparking.

What is aluminum bronze Used For?
Different aluminum bronze grades are used to make different things, but as a whole, this class of bronze alloys is incredibly important in many lines of work.

  • Aluminum Bronze Casting
    Propellers, engine components, and other marine material is made in casts from aluminum bronze because it is corrosion resistant in nature
  • Aluminum Bronze Welding
    Aluminum bronze welding material is perfect for highly flammable wort spaces because it won’t send off sparks during the weld.
  • Non-Sparking Tools
    Like using aluminum bronze for welding, there are other non-sparking tools made from this alloy. They are especially useful for working on MRI machines, as the magnetic field of the MRI would attract other tools, potentially damaging the machine.
  • Jewelry
    Some rings are made from this alloy because it has a color very similar to gold. If you want a more durable wedding band, aluminum bronze is one of your better bets.
  • Electrodes
    Naval industries use aluminum bronze electrodes to weld and surface steel or copper joints. This, again, is because of the anti-corrosive properties. It also enjoys uses in the chemical processing industry.

There are many great properties and purposes for aluminum bronze. Getting the right alloy for your project, whatever it is, can make a major difference in the quality of your finished product. To make the right decision, always look to the properties of your metal first. For example, if you need something strong, hard, corrosive resistant, and non-magnetic, don’t use gold. Aluminum bronze is best in this situation. However, if you need something malleable and conductive, gold is the go-to. If you need any further information or want to purchase quality aluminum bronze, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time