Among the many classes of copper alloys, nickel copper aluminum alloys are some of the most specialized. Including alloys such as QQ N 286G, this combination is well suited for multiple industries, as it has the ability to be machined into highly durable equipment. This guide will explain the properties and applications of this metallic trio.

Properties Of Nickel Copper Aluminum Alloys

The addition of aluminum to copper-nickel alloys strengthens this metal even more, and some metal manufacturers may choose to add manganese, iron, and niobium to make these alloys stronger still. Overall, these alloys have the following properties:

  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low magnetisim
  • High machinability
  • Anti-galling
  • Resistance to hydrogen embrittlement

These metals also respond well to brazing, soldering, and welding. This allows flexibility in fabrication for a variety of industries, parts, and products.

While these are some of the general characteristics of this family of alloys, it’s important to speak with your metal provider about what specific characteristics will match your needs.

Applications Of Nickel Copper Aluminum Alloys

These alloys have a variety of applications in several different industries, particularly in the aerospace, military, automotive, and energy sectors. Just as Aluminum Alloy 2014 is one of the strongest heat treatable products on the market and is ideal for aircraft parts, this combination of alloys holds similar properties.

  • Defense: These alloys are widely used in marine applications, specifically for submarines, sonar parts, and ships.
  • Aerospace: Airplane manufacturers may use this alloy for the electrical components of planes. This includes connectors and bearings.
  • Energy: Due to their durable properties and corrosion resistance, these alloys are used for heat exchangers, valves, and underwater parts.
  • Automotive: Car companies may use nickel copper aluminum alloys for cylinder liners and rods.

Interested? Call Wieland Diversified

Remember that nickel-containing copper and aluminum alloys are not uniform. This is why your business might be interested in a stocked or specialized alloy from us, such as QQ N 286G. Our team is the authority on metal combinations and knows which alloys hold specific characteristics.


 To order/find a custom alloy that is appropriate for your industry, be sure to contact the professionals at Wieland Diversified. We will work with you and educate you about our selection of stocked alloys. If you don’t see something that’s right for you, we can work to create a specialty order. We distribute our alloys internationally and are looking forward to working with you.