The aerospace and military defense industries utilize a variety of high-quality metals and high-yield steel products when they are in the process of making items to fill their defense contracts. Some examples of alloys they use include carbon, steel, copper, and nickel. They also use various nickel alloys, including a nickel 718 composition. Here’s a look at the various uses of alloys and what makes them so effective.

Four High-Quality Metal Alloys Used by Aerospace and Military Contractors

  1. Carbon: When heated, carbon increases in strength significantly. At the same time, it also remains very low in conductivity. As a result, carbon is an excellent material to use for bayonets and other metal weapons, such as knives.
  2. Steel: Steel is an extremely effective metal, and stainless steel is highly useful as well. Stainless steel, especially, is extremely resistant to humidity. Because it is so weather resistant, it is ideal for use in mess kits and firearm tubes. There is a growth rate of approximately 6% per year for the use of stainless steel that contains nickel.
  3. Copper: Used to create tubing, wires, and strips, copper is highly regarded as one of the best materials for making these items. This is because copper is excellent for electrical conductivity. Two other alloys made with copper, brass and bronze, are also used in certain applications. Bronze is very tough and strong. Actually, it is a combination of tin and copper. And brass, a combination of copper and zinc, is great for applications that are low friction.
  4. Nickel: Nickel is highly useful because it has low thermal expansion qualities and great electrical resistance. In particular, the nickel 718 composition is a nickel alloy which is very easy to weld. It is also highly resistant to corrosion. These two factors make the nickel 718 composition alloy ideal for use in the water.

Items containing nickel and nickel-containing materials appear frequently in items that are used every day. The growth rate for items using nickel is about 4% a year.

When purchasing metals and various types of alloys, it is important to look for the best materials available. And just as important to remember is that metal should be purchased from a competent supplier that specializes in obtaining the best product possible. Starting a project with quality materials is the best way to ensure a successful outcome and a safe and effective product for everyone involved.