The United States military is one of this country’s best defense mechanisms against any kind of attack. It is often considered one of the best militaries in the world. Without the military, where would we be?


Very often in our nation’s history, the military has been a vital asset in protecting its people, their rights, their liberties, and their pursuit of happiness. Not only does the United States military protect its homeland, but it also has been known to travel the globe to protect others in need that may not have the strongest military forces of their own.


What makes our military so successful? The brave soldiers that risk their lives in battle. At DMI we strive to support our troops anyway we can and if you ask any soldier the secrete to their success they will tell you that good gear can make or break a mission. If the military did not have top of the line equipment, then our success stories may have turned out differently.


According to Metal Tek International, “aluminum bronzes are a family of copper-based alloys containing aluminum as the principal alloying element.” The uses of alloys of this type vary tremendously, but aluminum bronze properties are a vital asset to the condition of our military equipment.


The strength of aluminum bronze properties is similar to carbon steel, making this alloy the ideal material to construct many military-grade machines, like tanks, ships, and armored vehicles. The strength of this type of equipment is critical for protecting our troops and ensuring that our machines will make it through an attack.


The aluminum bronze density gives the alloy a low magnetic permeability, says Metal Tek International. This means that these types of alloys are not detected very well by a magnet. This can be a huge advantage to our nation’s military in terms of hiding on many radars that use metals to find enemy stations.


Military equipment with aluminum bronze properties also allows the machines to maintain a high yield strength. For example, submarines need to be at least 100 meters below what is referred to as the Sonic Layer Depth to avoid being detected by sonar. Because of this, the submarines need to be made with a metal like a *high yield steel, which is what aluminum bronze is*. With these properties, the submarine can dive deep into the pressure-filled ocean, remaining unharmed.


Thanks to alloys like aluminum bronze, our military can continue doing its job of protecting our nation with ease and success.