For many applications, manufacturing professionals prefer high yield steel. This characteristic usually makes for a highly durable material. Since metal has many properties, each has to be calculated carefully. By staying precise with calculations, metal professionals can ensure that their clients are receiving the metal they expect. The following will teach you the basics of measuring stainless steel grades.


What is yield strength?
Yield strength is a measurement of how well a steel material can hold up to stress. Through mathematical formulas and testing, metal professionals calculate the amount of stress that is necessary to cause the metal to deform. In the case of steel, high yield steel will hold up to stress and pressure better than low yield steel.


How is yield strength determined?
While there are many ways to calculate yield strength, there are several popular methods. Many professionals begin with determining the yield point of a certain product. This is the point that will actually bend or deform under pressure. To do this, metal professionals apply force at an increasing rate on a metal. As soon as the metal starts to bend, they pause and record that rate.


There are then several different mathematical formulas that can determine different types of yield strength. These include calculating for ultimate yield strength, tensile strength, and shear strength. The result of these calculations will place a number on the strength, usually in megapascals or MPa.


Why does yield strength matter?
Stainless steel products are generally selected for their strength, often for high-risk applications. So, when professionals are using the metals in military, marine, and energy projects, they need to hold up to high pressure. And this pressure comes from both environmental and physical impact. By selecting the right yield strength, these professionals can use their projects to safeguard personnel and get the job done efficiently.


While stainless steel 304 is the most common steel grade, there are many applications of this metal. By understanding the importance of yield strength, you can select the right products for your industry.

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