When your business relies on your machinery and equipment to work properly, you need to do whatever you can to make sure they last a long time. Usually, these machines represent very large investments. So, getting the most out of them is of the utmost importance. For lots of equipment, this means protecting them from things like rust and corrosion. We’ll show you how to prevent corrosion in your metal equipment. This way, it won’t cause you to spend unnecessary money on repairs or replacements.


Use the Right Alloy

If you want to prevent corrosion in your metal equipment, it helps to start thinking about it when you first design it. Using the right material for the job can help prevent early corrosion. Metals such as chromium and aluminum lend themselves well to preventing corrosion when you introduce them into an alloy. Look for these kinds of corrosion-resistant materials when you first design your machinery or equipment, as they can save you lots of trouble in the long run.


Apply Protective Coatings

One cost-efficient way to protect metal equipment and machinery is to apply protective coatings over them. These coatings prevent corrosive elements from interacting with the metal beneath the coating. Galvanization, or the use of a protective layer of zinc over the top of a metal, is a common coating method that works well to prevent the worst corrosion that metal can undergo. You could also use a powder coating to achieve similar results.


Perform Cleaning and Maintenance

The best thing you can do most days to prevent the corrosion of your equipment is to clean and perform preventative maintenance on them. This is important, as an inspection can point out places where the metal has damage or spots where corrosion could start to appear. Regularly cleaning the equipment helps prevent moisture, grime, and other corroding elements from setting into the metal.


We at Wieland Diversified want your equipment to last as long as possible, and we have a wide selection of excellent metals to choose from, such as our aluminum silicon bronze alloy. We’ll be glad to help you find the right materials for whatever type of project you want to start.