One of the things that need to be understood about metals is that the makeup of an alloy is incredibly important to the alloy’s various properties. A little too much of this or not enough of that can drastically alter the alloy’s ability to perform its job correctly. Compared to pure metals, alloys have many more benefits and uses. We’re going to show you how alloying metals improves their properties, so you understand why we make our products in a certain way.


One of the most sought-after qualities of a good alloy, improved strength, is a great example of how alloying metals improves their properties. For example, if you look at gold as a pure metal, it is actually quite weak. If you alloy that gold with silver, however, you get a much stronger metal that can be used for long-lasting jewelry. In the industrial sector, you might instead add nickel or molybdenum to increase strength at high temperatures.


The conductivity of metals is also important to know when creating an alloy. This applies to both thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity. In most cases, adding another element to create an alloy will decrease the thermal and electrical conductivity. Some common metals used for this are zinc, manganese, nickel, and tin.

Ductility and Malleability

For many industries, two critical elements of a good alloy are its ductility and its malleability. You can use metals such as aluminum to increase ductility, allowing for easier wire making. Malleability is different in that it is a measurement of the material’s ability to deform under compressive stress rather than tensile stress. You can increase malleability through the introduction of metals such as iron, copper, and aluminum.

Corrosion Resistance

Alloy metal products need to be able to stand the test of time as well as outside elements. Many metals are quite susceptible to corrosion from water or air when they are pure. Alloying these metals with corrosion-resistant elements such as chromium, molybdenum, copper, and aluminum can greatly improve their ability to withstand oxidation and corrosion.

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