Any time you see the word “bronze,” you can be sure there is at least some copper involved. Aluminum bronze is no different—this tough alloy gets its name from adding aluminum to the familiar mix of copper and tin.


The result is a stronger, more corrosion-resistant material that finds a home in many highly demanding applications. Let’s take a closer look at different aluminum bronze uses and some of its most popular grades.


Aluminum Bronze Alloys

Adding aluminum to the traditional bronze alloy mixture results in a stronger, more wear-resistant material. Because of this, aluminum bronze works well for heavy-duty applications like bearings, gears, bushings, and valve components.


There are many different grades of aluminum bronze, each with unique properties and applications.



C62300 Aluminum Bronze

Also known as bearing bronze, C62300 is the most widely used aluminum bronze. This tough alloy contains between 8% to 11% aluminum and 6% iron. The addition of iron makes C62300 more wear-resistant than other grades. This addition also gives the alloy slightly lower electrical and thermal conductivity.



C63000 Aluminum Bronze

C63000, or aluminum manganese bronze, contains between 3% to 5% manganese. This addition increases the strength of the alloy while still maintaining a high level of corrosion resistance. C63000 works well in marine hardware, valve stems, and pump components.



C63200 Aluminum Bronze

C63200, or aluminum silicon bronze, is the strongest of the aluminum bronze alloys. It contains between 2% to 3% silicon, which gives it exceptional strength and durability. C63200 is often used in gears, bearings, and other high-stress components.



C64200 Aluminum Silicone Bronze

C64200 aluminum silicone bronze contains between 4% to 6% silicon. This high level of silicon gives excellent alloy strength and resistance to wear and tear.



Smaller Known Aluminum Bronzes

There are many other grades of aluminum bronze for sale. Some of the less well-known alloys include:

  • C61400 Aluminum Bronze
  • C63000 Aluminum Bronze
  • C63020 Aluminum Bronze
  • C64200 Aluminum Bronze
  • C64700 Aluminum Bronze
  • C65100 Aluminum Bronze
  • C65500 Aluminum Bronze

Aluminum bronze alloys are strong, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. They work well in applications like bearings, gears, and valve components. Also, aluminum bronze alloys come in a wide range of grades, each with unique properties.


Looking for a bronze that will work for your specific application? With so many alloy combinations, you’re sure to find one perfect for the job.


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