One metal that you’ll find in almost every industry is copper nickel alloy. Currently, our copper nickel bar is one of our most popular metals due to its many benefits and applications. Find out more about copper nickel alloy, its properties, and its applications here.

Corrosion Resistance

Without a doubt, the main reason why so many professionals choose to use copper nickel alloy for their applications is its excellent corrosion resistance. Because of its corrosion resistance properties, copper nickel alloy is a great alloy to use for marine applications, pipes, sprinklers, and hydraulic systems. Essentially, this alloy is an excellent choice for any application that needs to be around water on a daily basis.


Certain alloys have antimicrobial properties, meaning that they repel bacteria and other microbes. Copper nickel alloy is an antimicrobial metal, so it works well in environments that need to remain clean and sterile. The copper is the main antimicrobial metal in this mix.


The inclusion of nickel in copper nickel alloy allows for a material that’s both strong and flexible. The nickel ensures that this alloy remains ductile and easy to weld. Its flexibility makes it an excellent option for TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding and molding projects.


Our mixture of copper and nickel is strong yet flexible. That means that it’s tough and durable but not stiff or difficult to mold. Industries can use this metal to create long-lasting parts that can withstand pressure with ease, from piping systems to power plant parts.

If you want to know more about copper nickel alloy’s properties and applications or those of any of our other metals, simply reach out to Diversified Metals. We’ll be happy to go over any questions you have and help you find the right type of alloy for all your applications.