From kitchen appliances to oil refineries, alloyed steels have a wide variety of applications in modern society. Metals like HY 80 and HY 100 are useful in many different industries, but they are not all created equal. Before you choose a steel material for your specific need, consider what qualities you are looking for. The following are just some of the possible characteristics that you should keep in mind.

  • Corrosion Resistance: For marine equipment or any other tools that come in contact with water, corrosion resistance is key. If you are selecting steel for this purpose, make sure it is fabricated separately from more corrosion-prone materials. Stainless steel 304, for example, is the most common grade of stainless steel and could be compromised if mixed with other metals.
  • Heat And Pressure Resistance: This quality is especially important for those in the energy industry. Consider the high temperatures that metal will need to withstand while processing oil and gas. For industries like this, it’s best to find a highly heat resistant steel composition.
  • Weldability: Depending on the other elements combined with the steel alloy, certain materials will weld better than others. Be wary of alloys containing carbon, for example, as these are more prone to cracking during the welding process. Welding the HY steels, such as HY 80, is one of the best options to use in welding processes.
  • Impact Resistance: If you are selecting materials for any military, marine, and transportation industry applications, then it is especially important to prioritize impact resistance in your search for the perfect steel alloy. You will want to find a steel alloy that will not dent easily during a collision. Strength properties may vary in different temperatures, so be sure to cross-check temperature and impact resistance specifications.

When selecting a steel alloy, cross-referencing your priorities is key. Will weldability be compromised in colder temperatures? Are certain elements more prone to cracking when placed under pressure? If you have any questions like this, be sure to ask a metal alloy manufacturer before making a purchase, and consider how a custom alloy could serve you better.



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