When deciding on metal for your machinery, you have a lot of options. The metal for your machines can be incredibly important, depending on what you manufacture. A great choice for many practical applications is the alloy Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616, which features a high amount of added iron. Why should you consider this alloy over others? We’ll walk you through all the benefits of Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616.

High Level of Strength

One of the greatest benefits of Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616 is its strength. The addition of the iron content in the alloy allows the metal to handle much heavier loads than other alloys. When you need to rely on a metal to hold fast against a lot of weight, choose AMS 4616.

Low Friction Coefficient

The real benefit of Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616 appears when you combine its strength with its antifriction properties. The silicon in the alloy reduces the amount of friction created upon bearing heavy loads. This is essential for when you need something to handle a very heavy load.

Resistant To Corrosion and Erosion

All that extra strength adds up to create a metal that is resistant to corrosion and erosion. If your machines see considerable use and constant uptime, you don’t want to worry about your parts handling the task. AMS 4616 is exactly what you need for your most difficult jobs.

Longer Active Lifespan

Compared to similar metals, such as standard steel or bronze alloys, Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616 has a longer active lifespan. This means fewer hiccups in the system when you need to change out parts, and lower maintenance costs overall.

The benefits of Silicon Iron Bronze AMS 4616 are plain to see. If you need this alloy or you would like to choose from a wide variety of metals, Diversified Metals can help you find what you’re looking for.