5 of the Most Common Applications for Copper

When you think of copper, you probably imagine a very shiny metal often associated with the look of brand-new pennies. This metal is attractive, antimicrobial, resistant to corrosion, and an excellent conductor. Due to these properties, copper is a popular metal to use for many applications. Here are five of the most common applications for copper.

Number One: Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen equipment—such as teapots, pans, and utensils—are often composed of copper. People prefer using copper kitchenware for its attractive appearance and antibacterial properties. However, companies usually like using a copper alloy for kitchen equipment so they can avoid patina. Patina is the result of oxidation, and it’s the green coating that forms on the surface of the metal.

Number Two: Wiring and Piping

Due to its high electrical conductivity, copper is a popular metal for wiring. Many businesses prefer to use a copper alloy, such as a copper-nickel bar, for wiring and other electrical applications since it doesn’t corrode. Companies also use copper piping to keep liquids—such as water or oil—clean and free from bacteria.

Number Three: Handles and Doorknobs

Many doorknobs and handles in restaurants, malls, stores, and other public places are made from copper. These handles must be made from copper (or a mixture of copper) to prevent the spread of germs and diseases. Additionally, railings for stairs or balconies are often composed of copper for the same reason.

Number Four: Tools and Screws

Copper is also used for tools and other gadgets used in construction. A few examples include screwdrivers, wrenches, and pliers. Copper is hardwearing and yet light, which makes it the perfect material for construction tools to be made out of, and it can retrain its hard edges. Additionally, screws are sometimes made of copper as well.

Number Five: Counters and Tables

Counters, tables, and other flat surfaces in professional kitchens and homes can be composed of copper or copper alloys. This metal is especially useful in the kitchen due to its antimicrobial nature. If you notice a shiny kitchen sink, for instance, it’s probably made out of copper.

These are five of the most common applications for copper. Keep in mind that there are many other uses for copper and copper alloys in various industries. If your business needs to purchase copper or a copper alloy, reach out to us at Diversified Metals.