Copper-nickel, also known as cupronickel, is an alloy made of copper and nickel. It’s known for its corrosion resistance, making it a popular choice for various applications.

You might be surprised to learn that copper-nickel works best in various everyday items. These are five everyday uses of copper-nickel that you didn’t know.

Currency Coins

One of the most common uses of copper-nickel is in currency coins. The US penny, for example, is 97.5% zinc and 2.5% copper. Cupronickel is often used in coinage because it resists wear and tear better than pure metals like copper or silver. In addition, cupronickel alloys are less likely to corrode than other alloys, such as brass.


Copper-nickel piping is commonly used in marine environments because it resists saltwater corrosion better than other piping materials. It also works in high-pressure steam lines and hydraulic systems. When you see greenish-brown stains on pipes, that’s cupronickel!

Desalination Plants

Cupronickel is frequently used in desalination plants because it can withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with desalination. Additionally, cupronickel doesn’t corrode when exposed to salt water, which makes it ideal for marine applications. The process works by heating water to create steam, which you then can use to drive a turbine that powers the desalination process.

Heat Exchangers

Copper-nickel is often used in heat exchangers because it has a higher heat conductivity than other metals. It can transfer heat more efficiently, making it ideal for applications requiring quick and efficient movement. Whether you’re using a car radiator or a home heating system, there’s a good chance that it contains copper-nickel to help transfer heat.

Marine Hardware

Cupronickel is a popular choice for marine hardware such as boat propellers and hulls because it resists saltwater corrosion better than other metals. Additionally, cupronickel doesn’t lose its strength when exposed to salt water, which makes it ideal for this application. Not only does cupronickel resist corrosion, but it’s also stronger than other metals, making it suitable for use in boat propellers.

copper-nickel bar is a versatile metal with various uses thanks to its resistance to corrosion. You can find it in currency coins, piping, desalination plants, heat exchangers, and marine hardware. Next time you see a penny or a boat propeller, think about the role copper-nickel plays in our everyday lives!

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