Saturday, August 2nd, marked the 10th anniversary of Diversified Metals Pro-Am Golf Tournament, hosted at the spectacular Quaboag Country Club. Diversified has always made an effort to be part of the community, and this event is no different. It brought together two small companies in Monson and the turn out was fantastic!

12 Pros and 48 Amateurs made it out, and despite some morning rain, everyone played really well! The top four teams were:

  1. Billy Downes (Pro), Clark Hayward, Roland Table, Curtis Campo, and Kymme Wood
  2. Bart McCarthy (Pro), Don James, Keith Walker, Bob Young, and Judy Rice
  3. Frank Leja (Pro), Don Emerson, Howie James, Jim Morin, and Lissee Lomabrd
  4. Fran Marrello (Pro), Bob Coolong, John Raymond, Scott Shonio, and Beth Baker
The top 5 Pros were:
  1. Bill Downes
  2. Dan Lapierre
  3. Frank Leja
  4. Fran Marello
  5. Kevin Giancola